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American Carrion Beetle On Opossum Carcass

© 2009 Daniel W. Reed

Carrion Beetles are major players in the decomposition of dead animals. They not only eat the decaying flesh but the adults eat fly larva or maggots which would otherwise compete with their own larva. These beetles lay their eggs in the carcass and their larva live on the carrion then pupate in the ground for several month to emerge and fly off in search of another dead body to begin the cycle again. We have these beetles to thank for some what reducing the fly population and cleaning up carrion.

Image Type/Subject:
Necrophila americana,American Carrion Beetle(Species)
Media: Photograph

Shooting Location: Wilson County, Tennessee
Canon Digital Rebel XT / 350D Camera, Canon EF180mm F/3.5L Macro USM Lens, Canon Speedlite 550EX, Canon Off
Camera Flash Cable, Custom Flash Bracket 1/60 Sec. f/16.0 ISO=100

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© 2009 Daniel Reed