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Heartwood of Eastern Red Cedar

© 2009 Daniel W. Reed

This is why Red Cedar is so named (the fact that it is Juniper not a Cedar not withstanding). This tree had been recently split by the wind and in time the sun will fade the color to gray.

The red heart wood is extremely resistant to most forms of decay and repels most insects making it excellent for fence post and chests made form this light, strong wood are not only attractive but will protect woolens from moths. In central Tennessee log cabins were often made from the trunks as were pencils. Very old cedar salvaged from buildings is a favorite wood for many wood carvers. Since the wood is easy to cleave it was very popular for wood workers in the pre- industrial age and was fashioned into all types of furniture

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Image Type/Subject:
Cedar Glade
Plant, Tree, Trees
Junipers virginiana,Eastern Red Cedar(Species)
Media: Photograph

Shooting Location: Couchville Cedar Glade State Natural Area, Tennessee
Canon Digital Rebel XT / 350D Camera, Focal Length:180.0mm, 0.5 Sec., f/16.0, ISO=100

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© 2009 Daniel Reed