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Timber Rattlesnake Sounding Off

© 2009 Daniel W. Reed

Before taking this picture I had come to think that rattlesnakes might be mythical creatures. I had spent a great deal of time thrashing around in areas where rattlesnakes were supposed to live and had never seen or heard one. On this day as I was nearing the end of a long, rough hike when I came to a large tree that had fallen across the trail and completely blocked it with it's branchy crown. I made my way up a steep rocky slope to find a place where I could climb over the trunk. As soon as my foot hit the ground on the far side of the trunk I heard the unmistakable buzz of the rattles and looked down to see this guy only a step away. Pumped full of adrenalin I was barely able to get out a point and shoot camera and take a few shots.

Image Type/Subject:
Close up
Crotalus horridus,Timber Rattlesnake(Species)
Media: Photograph

Shooting Location: Savage Gulf State Park, Tennessee
Sony Cybershot, 1/500 Sec., F3.2, ISO 100

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© 2009 Daniel Reed