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Non-commercial (non-profit) use of images:

Images on this site are often licensed for non-commercial educational or scientific purposes without charge. If you are interested in using an image in such a manor then seed me an e-mail. If your request is granted you must follow the stipulations below.

  1. You must preserve the copyright and credit the site something like the following;

    ©[name or photographer] -

    where the "name" is the name of the copyright holder (photographer or artist) which appears below, or in the link for most images* used on the web site.

  2. If the circumstances of the image placement changes you must inform me of the change.

  3. We reserve the right to revoke the use of any and/or all images from any or all persons or organizations at any time and for any reason or no reason at all.

Commercial (for-profit) use of images:

Requests to use images from this site in commercial media are considered on a case by case basis by the holder of the copyright. You may send your request to me and I will refer the request to the copyright holder.

The contributors to this site have many other photographs of nature subjects that do not appear on this site and in most cases there are high quality versions of the often cropped and otherwise reduced images that appear on this site. If you need an image of a species you do not see on this site please contact me and I will try to locate a suitable image. Drawings of any of the species on the site are available or can be quickly rendered.

Contact info:


Mail: Daniel Reed, 134 Due West Drive, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122

*This does not include thumbnails and other incidental images, icons, logos and images in ads.

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